Looking into acelsior lpn-rn online, any other options though?

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Hi everyone!! so I just got my LPN and want to start working towards my RN immediately. I already decided due to my family and financial situation that I need to look into online programs. i am just looking to get my associates degree for now. I met with a rep from acelsior and it really just seemed too good to be true. But after reading about peoples experiences, I guess it really is a good route to take. However, hearing people talk about the CPNE, and its really scaring me! I know the rep told me about it and said they are hard but fair on us, but it seems like its a lot worse than I thought after reading these posts. Are they really that bad? And how many chances do we get to take them (I think I read 3), and after that if we don't pass what are our options or was it all just a waste? Does anyone know of similar programs (I live in MA) with no clinicals similar to this program? I am just freaking out because I am reading posts about 2/7 people passing. Please if anyone can help with these questions I would really appreciate it!!

Thank you so much!!

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I'll move this over to the Excelsior forum for you to encourage more responses. :)

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