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Looking for those Accepted into GPC for Spring 2010!!


Hi All!!

My name is J'Nayia Peebles and I am looking to get in contact with people who have been accepted into the nursing program at GPC for the Spring of 2010 in hopes of organizing and powerful and effective study group. Also if anyone who was accepted for the Fall 2009 program have any advice for us new comers.. please feel free to share on this thread... thanks in advance i look forward to hearing from everyone... has anybody began to order and read their books yet? how are you all preparing for the up coming semester?


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Hello, J'Nayia. I am so happy that you posted this thread!:yeah::yeah::yeah: I am starting in the spring as well and I am so nervous now that it's getting closer to January. I haven't bought any of my books yet. I think I may start on that at the end of the month. I am ordering my uniforms next week. Have you ordered yours? Are you taking any classes this semester? I am taking micro and statistics and as much as I love it, i'm ready for it to be over! I hope others join in on this thread for I would love to get a head start on meeting my classmates!


Thank you for responding Crystal... I started chipping away at my books in October and I only have like 2 more to buy.. amazon has them for really good prices.. i got my fundamentals book that on efollet is like $75-$99 for $33. I even got one of the required readings for $4. I am looking to order my uniforms next... I am nervous as well and i dont think people other than those starting in the program or those already in the program can even appreciate why...

whenever i say i'm nervous people say dont be... i just wish i could talk to someone who started in the fall!!! I hope others join this thread as well... i have started reading in my books but this week i am really going to buckle down and start knocking out these chapters... as many as i can as fast as i can retaining as much as i can

Oh and to answer your question.. no i am not taking any classes I finished my pre req's in may


Specializes in Med Surg, Cardiac. Has 2 years experience.

Lucky you! I should have taken Micro in the summer so I could get a little break before we really get down to business. I can't wait for orientation next month. Do you live far from the Clarkston campus?

Hello all> I was initially accepted into spring 2010 and had to regretfully defer for fall 2010..however, I purchased all of the textbooks needed for spring..I will give a wonderful price to you all. Just let me know and good luck to you all. Hopefully you can be my guide for when I hopefully get in for fall 2010