how long did you wait for eligibility in CA?


hi, i would like to know how long did it take you to receive your eligibility to take the NCLEX LVN after passing the aplication. thanks.

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I completed a Los Angeles-area LVN program in mid-October 2005, and received the ATT (authorization to test) approximately 5 weeks later in late November. In other words, it took 5 weeks to "receive my eligibility."


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That sounds about right. Then you have six months to take your test. After you pay the NCSBN (i.e., Pierson Vue) you have an additional 6 months to take your test. However, I would schedule your test about 2 months ahead of time unless you are available to test anytime, in which case I would still schedule 2 weeks ahead.

SOMEONE told me that I could schedule my test the day before; however, that person resided in ANOTHER COUNTRY and did not know the practicality of the situation (for the sake of privacy, I cannot name the person, and/or the outsourcing agency at which they may have been working). Therefore, I had to learn on my own. Luckly, I did not procrastinate and scheduled my exam in a timely manner. Just a tip purely for the sake of beneficience.

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