how long does a venipuncture need to close back up?


I can't seem to get a definitive answer on this one but it seems like a pretty easy question... hopefully you all can help me! how long does it take for a peripheral IV stick (a missed one) to heal up so that it can be attempted again? Or what about a site that ran it's 72hr course and was dc'ed, how long before that site can be re-used?


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As long as the attempt has not traumatized the vein much and I mean a hematoma or a through and through puncture you can use it just as soon as a clot seals up the vessel. If you need the vein right after a missed attempt go above it by at least an inch or so,if not more. Now if you have an IV site that has been in place for 72 hours or so and then you d/c it and re-site it and mabe 3 days from now you need to go back to site one. yes you can do that....IF......the vein is still in good shape.....soft,no redness or phlebitis,optimally not an area of flexion and it is the best vein you can find at the time. Usually,you can find another site...but if not and the vein is in good shape there is absolutely no reason you can not use it again. Remember to feel along the course of the vein for as long as you can feel it and make sure it is soft. Sometimes, a patient will only have a section of a vein the is phlebitic and below it is soft. Insert proximal to any section that is not in good shape. Work from distal to proximal and always feel any vein before you attempt venipuncture.

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