how long til this will feel normal?

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So, I am taking the NCLEX Friday and starting my first job on a telemetry unit next month. The new grad program is about 20 weeks. How long does it take to feel comfortable working as a RN? I'm trying to figure out if my husband and I should wait a year or so before starting a family or if it will make that big of a difference anyways. Any thoughts? Would I be crazy to get pregnant during the next few months?:down::up:

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Only you can know what's right for you and your situation.

I can only advise from my own experience and from precepting/mentoring many new nurses over the years.

The milestones usually come around 12 and 18 months.

12 months until you're not scared to death when something adverse comes up.

18 months until you feel like you feel like you can handle it when something happens.

Good luck. :)


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I would at least wait 3-6 months on the pregnancy...reasoning...most places can fire you if they want if under 1 year on the job. Not cause your pregnant but because you will be off of work for 6 weeks. But after a year then you can have maternity leave. Not that all jobs would...but they could. And also if you never worked on that type of floor you may see some really gross stuff that could make you feel a little queasy normally on the 1st or 2nd time you ever see it (but you get use to it after a bit) add morning sickness on top of that :-p

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I think the 2 responses above are right on the mark.

Research shows that it takes about a year to "feel normal" as an RN -- and it can take a little longer to feel really secure. And trying to take extensive time off in the first year of a new job will both interfer with that student-professional tranistion and also open up the possibility of losing your job because you won't have the protection of federal laws that usually kicks in at one year.


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Thanks for the replies! The feedback helped give me an idea when I'll feel a bit more settled.

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