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How do you keep you procedure manuals up to date? How do you keep them cross-indexed to enable quick retrieval of procedures?

Are any of you utilizing a computer based procedure manual system? We are planning on placing computers on all of our nursing units and I would love to find an user-friendly computer procedure manual program that can be individualized for our facility. One of the hospitals in our area utilizes a soft cover mass market book of nursing procedures ...What are you using?


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Hi, We have been spending time each week to update policy and procedure manuals that the management team before ours did not keep up. We then review with the nurses any changes we have made, but for the most part, they know the changes because we approach those who do the procedures to ensure that it is not just management writing procedures that we don't do.

We have set aside 2 Monday mornings a month and each of us on the team (There are actually 9, but not all are present every week.) has one that we have reviewed and bring back to the group for touch up.

I will say that there are some of us who work better than those who question every little step, but for now it is the best we have. So I will be real interested in this topic


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