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Long Shot: Online Grad-Entry MSN?

I graduated in '08 with a BS in Exercise Science. I am finishing up an LPN program now and am looking for the most efficient manner in which to reach my FNP. Unfortunately, the closest grad-entry MSN is Ohio State and that's an hour and a half drive, on way. Any ideas? Thank you, in advance.

BCgradnurse, MSN, RN, NP

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I don't know of any on line grad entry MSN programs. Your best bet may be to get your BSN and then do an on line traditional MSN program.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the input. Right now, I am planning on working on going through an LPN to RN transition program this fall and going for my MSN the following year. I just have to have the RN to do the online MSN program through OSU with a non-nursing BS. On the other hand, if there were a more direct path, I'd be all ears.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

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There are other programs too that will allow you to do an MSN with an RN license. Frontier is one of them. If you do get your RN, then it will open doors for an RN to MSN but that may cost more than getting a BSN and then getting a MSN. An LPN to RN program is usually 1 year.


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