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I live on LI and it seems like everyone I talk to who graduated from LI nursing programs the last year or 2 had no problem getting jobs there. I was wondering if its difficult as a new grad from a "non-LI' program, who did not do my clinical rotations there. Has anyone heard about the LIJ hiring new grads in the last few months ? hiring in the NYC area?


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I live in Eastern LI and I just got a job with LIJ this October. I am a new grad and went to nursing school in Florida so I had no connections. I just kept applying constantly until they called me for a phone interview for a med/surg position I applied to back in July. It took me a while to get a hospital job


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I been applying to NSLIJ back in 2012 when i was a new grad...eventually i got a job at a city hospital with nyc hhc. Now that i have two years of experience i started applying to NSLIJ again as of 4 months ago and of course as before....no one calls me! I find city (public) hospitals more open to new grads etc. But once you have experience in whatever unit u get a job in...it is extremely difficult to change specialties as specialties prefer to hire fresh grads rather than transition people from another unit. Hopefully u get your preferred unit as your first job.