how long should i expect before i get into nusing program at community college?

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Hi there. I was just wondering how long I should exect to wait before I get accepted into nursong program at commnity college. I'm taking one internet course in june and am taking two science starting in august. I'l be done my prereqs in spring so hopfully I can apply for the program then. I was told at mcc that minimum wait is three semester. How long did u guys wait to get in? Its that true that some ppl wait for three yrs ot more sometimes? I'm taking out some loans to he'll with bills so I don't have to wrk too much and can concentrate on studying. My plan is to take prereqs for asu nursing while om on a waiting list so that I don't have to start paying off for the loan. Any of ur experience will be greatly appriciated!! Thanks

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it varies depending on how many people are applying, and how many options you list for schools. i turned in my application this past january and was told to expect to be in spring of 2011.


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If you are flexible with which schools you are willing to go to, then you can probably expect a three or four semester wait. If want to get in sooner you can apply for the Banner program, and hope to get an interview. Those who are waiting three years most likely have limited choices for schools they are willing to attend. Hope this helps. :)

It took me three semesters. I applied in October 2007 for the traditional 4 semester / 2 year as number 1736 and I'll start July 21 (next month) at GateWay CC graduating May 2011. I know the Banner program can be faster if you're accepted. If you know how many people are ahead of you when you apply...guesstimate that each semester takes 450 students you'll have a pretty good idea when your time will come up. Might not work for everyone, but it worked for me. Hang in there, it can go by pretty fast.:loveya:


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I applied in fall of 07 and got accepted in in March 09 for the Fall 09 semester.

Good Luck!

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