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Does anyone know of a Long Distance Program for L.P.N. I am finally it impossible to attend the day program in my town. I already have a a B.A.M.A. degree but need this L.P.N. in order to complete my R.N. distance and in order to work in Florida one must first have a L.P.N. in you obtain your degree through Regents. Please HELP!!!!

Thanks so much. JM

Hi JM,

I'm pretty certain that there are not any distance LPN programs, probably because clinical experience would be very difficult to organize. The reason Regent's offers long distance RN programs is because they require students to be LPNs or have the equivilent in clinical experience before enrolling. There is no way around getting the clinical experience!

Don't give up, though. There are an increasing number of nursing programs out there that cater to students that can't enroll in a full-time program. Check out your local adult ed. programs. They often times offer evening and part time LPN programs.

Best of luck and I hope something works out for you,


REGENTS will also accept you into their program if you have an EMT certification. This only takes about 3 months to obtain, and most community colleges offer it in the evening through Continuing ED. You might want to check this out. I agree that there are no LPN Long Distance Learning Programs.

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