Long Beach Memorial New Grad?


A few others have posted on the topic but no one has responded yet. Any Long Beach Memorial new grads out there willing to give some insight on their experience? I was offered a position; it was a verbal agreement. They also gave me documentation that requires a 2 year commitment, but I haven't been given any employment details. When I inquired about employment details, I was told that I would receive them at orientation AFTER I have submitted the document committing me to 2 years with them. I have serious reservations about blindly jumping into a 2 year contract not knowing my exact job description, salary, schedule etc. Can anybody provide some insight on LBM's new grad program & the hiring process? Thank you!


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I am new to allnurses and stumbled upon your post about Long Beach Memorial. I am from Orange County but went to nursing school in San Diego so I am not really familiar with the RN residency program at Long Beach. I have an interview there in September and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience? Did you end up taking the position? Have you heard from other new grad on their experience working for LBMMC? I appreciate any help or info! Thanks :)