Lonestar A&P 2 "Fear & Loathing in Houston"

U.S.A. Texas


I am currently taking my A&P 2(Montgomery campus) and so far my professor has been a good teacher. My problem is adapting to his teaching style to study for exams. He is definitely more detailed than my A&P 1 Professor was but he tests solely from his notes. Which in theory sounds great even to me but after our 1st exam this week (which btw was all short answer and 4 pages of "list" or "describe" Q's with apprx. 15 matching with no multpl. choice), I am left with a world of anxiety!! His notes are organized, bulleted & quite factual but when I try to read the coordinating sections of the chapter in the book to understand and grasp the concepts there is way more detailed info than he lists so I become very overwhelmed:uhoh3: He told us the 1st day we only need to "know" his notes to make an "A" in the class and don't have to rely on reading the book. But short of trying to coax my 45 yr old brain to simply memorize

FYI, like many others I MUST have an "A" in this class before applying to the ADN program next semester and I will be almost 47 yrs young when the program begins Fall of 2011 :p all the notes, I am at a loss for how to study effectively for this class. I am very engaging & ask questions during lecture, a visual learner & I thrive on video explanations & hands on learning such as lab. Any study tips you might have for me would be greatly appreciated.

I took A&P 2 over the summer and got an A. I actually kept all the test bank thingies from Blackboard on my hard drive; perhaps you could use those as a review on your lecture exams?

Shoot me an email and I'll see if I can help out

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