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London Health Sciences - Victoria - Acute Medicine - Looking for feedback about LHSC


I have been hired for the Victoria site for Acute Medicine . I believe acute medicine encompasses a few programs. I think I was hired for regular part time B.

I am not sure I understand how RPT B works . From what I was told I will get 2 shifts per week that I must work and on top of that I should be able to work full time most of the time if I agree to it . I was told the exception might be at Christmas time because no one is allowed to book vacation at that time.

I appreciate any feedback about working as an RN @ LHSC


Has 18 years experience.

Are you talking about Canada, Australia, or the UK?

If you are talking about LHSC in Ontario, have you read the ONA collective agreement?

I worked at the university campus of LHSC for years for about 10 years after graduation. I worked medicine and then ICU. I have now worked in the States for 15 years. LHSC was the best place I ever worked. Was so proud of the nursing care. A lot has probably changed in 15 years but I am still jealous. Hope you have a great experience

I have looked at the ONA agreement on the ONA website . I can't find what the shift premiums are even when I use control F on the document. The pay based on years of service seems low compared to other hospitals and even some nursing homes . (At least for bedside nurses )

Are you looking at the hospital central agreement rate of pay and shift premium? The rate of pay is the same for hospital members, as is the shift premium, $2.10 per hour for evening shift and $2.50 per hour for night shift.

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Thanks Dishes,

Do you happen to know about the premium for weekends ?

"A nurse shall be paid a weekend premium of two dollars and sixty-five cents($2.65) per hour for each hour worked between 2400 hours Friday and 2400hours Sunday" ONA hospital central collective agreement