Locker decor and project ideas?


Just out of curiosity what do you keep in your locker for organization/fun/to make it homey?

Here's the thing. I've been a nurse for 9 years and I'm tired of it haha. I'm doing things to change it (pursuing my MSN, changed jobs, etc) but in the meantime I'm just trucking along. Anyway I have always kept work and home separate but recently I want to make work a little more tolerable to be around. Plus my new job gave me a locker that's twice the size of the one at my old job and i never did anything with the old locker except put a few extra pens/hemostats/etc in it. So I want to actually do something nice with it. Here's what I've done so far:

-Got a locker organizer (so I can put more stuff in it!)

-pillow for those rare breaks

-Snacks (salty AND sweet!)

-Put up pics of my hubby and dogs

-A couple of cheap paperbacks

-earphones for listening to my meditation apps

And of course I don't put it in my locker, but I also bring a big container of plain half n half for my coffee and put it in the fridge to share.

I'm finding that just these little changes are helping me feel a little less crispy haha.

Anyone else have any tips or anything unusual you keep in your locker for fun? (No, not that kind of fun!! ;))

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We don't keep food in our lockers or locker room...we get roaches!

Basically, my locker houses my scrubs, my jacket, my stethoscope, extra pens/pencils/reading glasses/tampons and a can of soup in case I stay over lol

A lot of us put a mirror and dry erase board in the outside...the dry erase boards provide a lot of inappropriate entertainment lol with the occasional inspirational quote that over a few days becomes something else lol


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Haha love the dry erase board idea! Ew to the roaches lol :( Well the good news is that I'm in a brand new building so haven't seen any of those yet.