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I am currently on an assignment in california with Novapro and I really like the company and my recruiter. for my next assignment I need to be back in my home state of NY near my family due to some family medical issues. I have asked my recruiters to find a position in three different cities in NY all of which are a maximum of three hours from my parents house. Novapro has nothing for that area so I am thinking of switching to a different company because they have jobs in all of the cities I was looking into. has anyone else had location issues with their companies not being able to find them a job in the city or cities that they would like? I feel bad switching companies because I really like my recruiters but they just don't have the job I need. Do people usually switch between companies? Has anyone worked with supplemental healthcare or heard anything about them? thank you for any input!!


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Yes, this happens all the time. Do not feel bad about switching companies.. If your're recruiter doesnt have anything in NY, they should be fine with helping you moving on.. If they are really good they'll make sure your getting a good deal & dont get screwed by the next company.


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Switching companies is the norm in the travel world- from speaking with fellow travelers, you'll hear of better companies and recruiters, and I switched based on that info. My old company didn't have the location/recruiter constantly tried pushing me to work where SHE wanted, so I left. It's sad you actually like your company and have to leave, but never burn bridges with a good company & recruiter- you never know when you need them again. Best of luck to you & your family.


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thank you for your responses! I ended up switching to a different company actually one I have always been told about since I started traveling and they found me a job in NY where I wanted within a week. Now I just need to figure out how to tell my other company. Any suggestions?