what is your local policy for extravasation/infiltration


Hi there am doing a research proposal for my specialist degree on treatment of extravasation injury on peripheral IVs in neonates.

Done a huge literature search and cannot find ANY trials, only case studies.

Our local policy is cover with duoderm (AKA granuflex) hydrocolloid dressing and review regularly, this is even the really inflammed/tight/blackened/whatever sites where a load of lipid/dopamine/whatever has leaked.

I know a lot of places use saline and/or hyaluronidase flushes. Is this drug specific, is it evidence based?

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We use saline injection, esp with TPN. We use hydral. with Dopa or Dobut infiltrates. Ours came from a roundtable meeting.

We have a skin team that we call for bad infiltrates. They usually have us put hydrogel on and opsite over it or if it is bad, they go with burns to come down and treat it, since a bad TPN infiltrate is like a burn. We have had great success with this, but you have to get them treated pretty quickly to have good results.

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Thanks very much for you reply, that's great. Do you have a written policy?