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Loans for living expenses

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I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what you have done regarding taking out loans for living expenses (rent/food/gas etc)? 

I will be starting school soon (accelerated 2-year program) and have received Scholarships that will cover most of my tuition, however I will still have additional living expenses and several thousand to cover for remaining school fees. I am not sure what the best loan options would be for this, and how easy it is to apply loans/scholarships towards living expenses. I currently have great credit.

I anticipate needing to take out around $20-30k total for the 2 years. 

I do not anticipate being able to work during my program, aside from a few off-shifts during semester breaks. I would rather have some debt and be able to focus 100% on my clinicals and studies during the program at this time. 

Any advice and feedback from your experiences is greatly appreciated!




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Talk to your school's financial aid office.  Loans for school are loans for school -- whether you spend the money on books or groceries.   Your school's financial aid office should have information about the various types of loans available to you.   Start there.

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