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I am an LPN student in Minnesota who wishes to move to Florida when I am done (in May). I have begun research, and found a possible way to pay off my RN degree when I get it, however, I have yet to find a way to have my LPN degree "forgiven". It would be a big help if I could have a hospital or such help me pay it off, and I am aware of a few programs, but will it apply since I'd be coming from out of state?

Also, I have Lakeland Regional Hospital at the top of my list because of their loan forgiveness for RN (along with PCC, which I would like to attend if I choose LRMH), plus they seem to really want to assit new graduate Lpn's

My biggest desire is to live in Tampa/St. Petersburg though. I visited this area this past spring and fell in love. I'm leaning toward St. Petersburg, and looking at Bayfront hospital.

My overall plan is too get my MN license this summer and apply for my FL license. Then I hope to find a job in FL (anywhere will probably do, but I'd prefer Tampa...anything to get out of this frozen wasteland :chuckle

I will work for a year to get state residency, then start the LPN-RN bridge somewhere (tuition is so much cheaper in's $130 a credit at the school I will go to for my RN here....only like $50-some a credit in FL!!) anyone know of any loan forgiveness for someone getting their LPN in a state other than Florida, what are good hospitals to get your feet wet at...and any other tips you all can think of? Any advice would be welcomed :)

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I am sure anyone of the Tampa Bay area hospitals will negotiate this with you. I hear that Tampa General is open to this as well as a couple of hospitals in Palm Harbor and Clearwater. Don't forget that Bradenton and Sarasota also have some progressive hospitals there that are generally willing to negotiate in this area for a work commitment. Good luck.

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