LNC exam

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I'm planning on taking the LNC exam this coming May, any tips anyone out there who had taken it. What's the rate of passing or has anyone taken it and failed?

Hannahbanana, BSN, MSN

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There is no "LNC" credential per se. There is only one certification for legal nurse consulting, and that's the LNCC via AALNC (http://www.aalnc.org/page/LNCFAQs/). Although it’s not mandatory, the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) offers a training course and certification examination for aspiring legal nurse consultants. In order to sit for this certification exam, you must have at least five years experience as a nurse as well as 2,000 hours of legal medical consulting three years prior to taking it.

There are a number of other credentials offered by commercial providers and other entities, e.g., CLNC, ALNC, but they are not certifications but essentially proof of having taken their course and exam. Without knowing which one you plan to take, I can't give you any answer. Who is offering it? Where did you do your LNC education and hours of experience?