Living in UK for few years. Have RN ADN license from US


Hello!So I am a registered nurse with my associates of science in nursing degree. I have four+ years hospital and operating room experience (2 years oncology/med-surg, 2+ preop/ OR) I moved to England with my husband who is an Irish citizen and my children.I am going to finish by BSN via an online program while I'm in the UK. Unless anyone is aware of any ADN to BSN programs here? I am assuming there is not.My main question is what kind of job do you think I can get here where I'll still be working in the medical field? I'm sure I can't work as an RN here so I'll take anything. I like geriatrics, wouldn't mind working in homecare or an assisted living faclity. I will not have a car but will be living in the city center of winchester. I obviously know I will be taking a big pay cut :0/ I need to kniw the exact job titke because they are called different things in the US. Any suggestions?Thanks!

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I looked at a couple of universities to go from RN to BSN in the UK and I think one of the universities was Kings university in London, This was on online course. You do however need to speak to NMC and see if this is acceptable as a lot goes on Transcripts. Jobs where you are not a RN would probably be looking at care worker, Auxillary nurse, HCA worker, these are similar to CNA in the US however HCA usually is NVQ trained (National Vocational Qualification)