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I have a question for anyone out there regarding housing stipends on travel assignments, as I've personally not worked as a travel nurse as of yet. I anticipate starting within the next year. I'm sure some sort of tax expert could easily educate me, but these forums always tend to have someone that's "been there, done that" as well so I figured I'd ask here first.

So anyways, here's my question. I more or less understand "tax homes" and what does and does not qualify, however I've never come across anything that discusses if that "tax home" is overseas. My hypothetical but seriously potential situation: I am an American citizen, born and raised here. I'm considering moving out of the country, possibly Thailand but I don't suppose that specifically matters. I am not of retirement age, so I would be traveling back to the states to take assignments throughout the year. If my "tax home" there meets all the same requirements as a "tax home" here in the US would require, is that still okay? Or does the IRS look at it different because it's overseas?

A tax home does not need to be located in the United States. I know one traveler who resides in Costa Rico and of course there are many Canadians.

Music to my ears! Thank you for that information.

You will have to prove permanent residence status if you are audited by the IRS as part of defending your tax home. Depending on the country of residence, you may owe taxes on your worldwide income in that country though. Just as your home state here may tax all your income (except those states who do not have income tax).

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