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Living in a military community


My wife and I, both futuren nurses, are considering a career in the military. Can anyone give me an idea of what life is like in a military community? I am mostly concerned for my wife as she is in her mid 30's and has never lived more then a couple hours drive from home. Thanks to all who reply!

I don't know exactly what kind of information you are looking for. I live on a Army post (DH is AD). It's really like any other community. Neighbors you will like, hate, or never really see. Just depends. I do feel safer on post, as everyone has to go through a checkpoint to get on.

However, this doesn't mean we are crime-free, just seems (to me) greatly reduced. Rules apply when you live in housing, like anywhere else, it's just that when you are in the military if you don't do what you are told to do, your chain of command gets involved (and you really don't want that).

Also, just because you are in the military doesn't mean you can't rent or buy a house off post. You can make your own descision on what is best for your family.



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I have been a USAF wife for 15 years..and love it. I love living on base. there is nothing like it. It like living in a gated community,only everyone is friendlier (for the most part) and everyone understands what you or your husband (or wife) does. you won't have to explain why your husband/wife is TDY and so on. Everyone at evey base i've ever lived on (and there are lots) sits outside in the summer and there is a great sense of community.. questions? ask away!

I lived on an Air Force base for 3.5 years while husband was active duty. It was so much fun. We were always having friends over for dinner, bbqs, etc. There is such a unique feeling of community and friendship that I can't describe. We made some of the best friends while living there. I miss it so much! Everyone is in the same boat. You all are far away from home and need a shoulder to lean on sometimes. We spent holidays together, babysat each others kids, etc. I am actually thinking about joining the AF now myself as a nurse because I really miss that sense of community and belonging. Other perks include commissary groceries which I have found to be anywhere from 2-3x cheaper that civilian grocery stores. Also, gas is sometimes cheaper and supposed to be priced lower than market as well as the BX which is like a department store that has specials as well. I think that living on base was one of the only ways that being in the military is doable. Just my :twocents: Plus IT'S FREE! As well as utilities, all maintenance, and they even give you stuff for your house for FREE! Such as ceiling fans, shelving units. rocks for you garden, light switches, furnace filters. the list could go on and on!!! If you have any ?'s let me know, would be happy to help.

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