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Living the dream, but need education...

Hi all, new to this forum. I worked as an OB Tech for several years, then graduated from nursing school in May. I am now a grad nurse in L&D. I have been trying to find L&D education classes, but I am unsure what to take first, second, last etc....I am also hoping to find a convention or conference somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas, resources, etc? How did you all receive your education? I know that there are hospitals that have an entire classroom full, an education program, and other resources. However, I work in a hospital where I am pretty much on my own to find proper education to be a fully functioning L&D nurse.

I am aware I need NRP, I was previously certified, but let it lapse while in nursing school...but what after that? Also any resources you have for education would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone!!

Best resource for OB/GYN NURSES:


AWHONN, great resource for classes, books and continuing education for OB and GYN and newborn nurses. I would highly recommend you join and you will receive also two educational journals. You also get good discounts on learning materials, conferences and classes.....

One more suggestion, GET NRP (neonatal resuscitation class) ASAP. EVERY L/D and PP nurse MUST have it!


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