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Hello everybody! I have spent quite a bit of time reading all of the different posts and as someone considering Travel Nursing I am very happy and thankful with the vast amount of wisdom, experiences and advice I have found. However, I have not found any information that addresses my specific situation.

My husband and I are seriously considering moving abroad, and we began researching Travel Nursing as an option to maintain a link to our work and presence in the US. I have a BSN with 3 years of experience in ER, last year in a Level 2 Trauma hospital. I have worked in the West Coast and now I am in NY.

My questions about doing travel nursing are:

1) Is it possible to do a 12 week contract, then be out of the country for 6 months and come back to do another 12 week contract?

2) I have read about the taxed home. Currently, we own our house and are unsure as to whether we would rent it out or completely sell it. How would this impact the "return to the taxed home"? I am guessing this is a far more complicated answer since it possibly involves residency and primary versus secondary residency. But any information would be helpful.

Overall, travel nursing sounds like a challenging yet exciting path that has given me a new outlook and hope for a more enjoyable life and career.

Thanks in advance for all information.



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Yes to number one. If you sell or rent your home with having another local residence, you have abandoned your tax home. If your husband is taking an open ended job or a contract for at least one year, that will likely qualify as your tax home as well. Which would be great to be able to deduct plane fares. I would look on TravelTax FAQs to see if guidance is provided. It will probably depend on the particular details and tax planning may allow good decisions so you are smart to explore options. He will answer questions for free and he is an expert on cross border taxation.


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NedRN, thanks for your prompt reply. From reading the forums, I can see you are a fountain of knowledge and quite the expert in this topic. As I learn and educate myself more about the world of travel nursing, I am sure I will have more specific questions and I hope you do not mind me addressing them mostly at you.

There is so much to figure out but I am so excited with all of the discoveries!

Again, thanks.



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You are welcome. I noticed an important typo in my reply, the following should have read: If you sell or rent your home without having another local residence, you have abandoned your tax home.

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