Littmann classic II S.E. vs Littmann select

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Im in nursing school, and deciding on which littmann to get. I need one that is good for hearing out of and I am indecisive on these two. I would appreciate the help from everyone if you would let me know which one is better! thank you!!! :)

I am choosing between the littmann classic II S.E. and the littmann select!

& I am going to get the Raspberry color.. does anyone have it and is it the closest thing to hot pink i can get with a littmann?


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I have the SE and it works great. I also tried for hot pink and they don't have it. is a great website to order from as they usually have specials. They also have the option of rainbow colored diaphragms in the littmans which I have and think is so unique. Since you're just in school, get the cheaper one. You'll be able to hear well out of any littman and you'll prob have to replace it after graduation anyway.

You cannot decide this way. Go to a shop that sells them, and try them on for yourself. Or ask someone who owns one/both of them to try them out.

Different people will have different experiences. For example, I bought a Littman Select because I thought the teardrop shape would fit well under cuffs (as it was designed to do) but in reality, I couldn't hear a danged thing out of it! Fifty bucks and my kid used it for Halloween. But another student had one and loved the crud out of it. So the assertion that you will be able to hear well out of any Littman is quite untrue.

Best student scope I had was a cheapie thing made by Prestige for under twenty bucks. And after graduation, got a Master Cardiology by Littman that I swear I can hear a bee fart at ten paces, it's that good a match.

You will need to hear them for yourself. The color, of course you will realize, is pretty far down the priority list....

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