Littman vs. MDF Stethoscope Help


Hello all I recently got accepted into a program set to start in the fall and I'm looking at purchasing my first stethoscope. I've been looking at the Littmann Classic II and the MDF MD One at various online retailers. In your experience, what will be best for a newbie like me? And what has your experience been with like either of these products?

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hdreeves, you might want to check out the nursing gear forum- there are lots of discussions about stethoscopes, which I'm sure will include experiences and reviews that you can browse through.

And you can find more stethoscope specific threads by scrolling to the bottom of the gear forum and using the search box just for that particular forum.


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I have an MDF MD one and I love it. Its also nice to get free replacement parts and have a lifetime warranty on it. When I got my stethoscope for school, it was helpful for me to actually got to a uniform shop and try them out.


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I don't really care for littman scopes. I have always had adc cardio. I have one with a thumb grip that I love. My first one walked away about 3 years ago, I bought the same one. You may be able to hear just fine through a littman but they just aren't that great to me.

The Littmann Classic III. It's awesome for physical assessments. :)