Little RN experience in NP school


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So I got accepted to MSN-FNP school right out of my ASN program. I didn't want to waste more time in achieving my goal of becoming a DNP. I changed my undergrad major from Biology/Physics transferred schools to attend nursing school. Most NP programs I applied to said they preferred at least 1 year experience but accepted me anyway. I believe its my science background that got me accepted since I am currently newly licensed and just started my nurse residency. Because of my minimal nursing experience, I wonder how my peers will view me after having this np degree out the blue. Is it unsavory? I have a coworker that is in her last year of her bsn-dnp program and is only 23, same age as me is that too young /inexperienced to become an np?

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As far as how your peers will view you when you graduate, that will vary. This is a topic that gets brought up a lot. My networking with NPs has greatly increased while in clinical, and I have found that many of them, although not all, have the opinion that NPs should have nursing experience prior to program acceptance. Some feel it's a "different enough" role, that it shouldn't really matter.

I will say that I feel like my nursing experience has been invaluable and helped me tremendously in school. I have learned SO much in the "real world" of nursing. I couldn't fathom becoming an NP without it. For me personally, I also wanted experience in a field before I decided whether I wanted to pursue an advanced degree in it, even though I started my ADN program knowing I wanted to eventually become an NP.

With all of that being said, it's still something that everyone has to decide for themselves. You aren't destined to fail because you lack bedside experience. A lot of it is what you make it. Not only that, but, assuming you are planning to work while in school, you'll have a few years under your belt before you graduate. If you feel you are ready to go through with school, go for it! In any reputable program, I feel like most people know soon enough whether they are cut out for it.