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little company of mary torrance RN residency program 2014

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HI everyone,

Has anyone recently applied at LCOM for RN residency program.can u please share your experience and thought. I dont see any thread about it recently only thing i could fine is in 2012.I have applied there recently but so far no news how long do they take to reply?


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Wonderful program, I did it in Spring of 2013. Coincidentally, I actually spoke to the education director at my hospital, LCM San Pedro earlier today because I wanted to find out about the transition programs they tend to run with new grad where existing nurses can get trained into a new dept like ICU or Emergency. She told me the next new grad/transition cohort starts in October. Torrance and San Pedro train together.

From what I recall, when you submit an application to Torrance, they will let you know very fast if your application does not make the cut. I also know you must have a BSN to get considered for new grad at Torrance as I believe they are shooting for Magnet status. My new grad application was to San Pedro and was actually considered internal because I was doing a pilot trial of a 2 month non paid residency program there which established with Los Angerles Harbor College where I had just gotten my ADN from in 2012. I had before that though, applied to Torrance for other positions and my applications were bounced back sometimes in a matter of minutes lol. These were applications to regular RN positions when I had no experience, they were not to new grad, so don't lose hope lol. It never hurts to follow up on your status, perhaps give them a call, but only do this once, don't pester them repeatedly ;)

I can ask our Education Director if she has an idea as to whether or not new grad Fall 2014 candidates have been selected yet and any timeline she might know of. Only thing that might be an issue is whether or not they are still only/primarily taking internal transfer candidates who were hired as Epic Implementation Trainers/Super Users earlier this year when we switched systems. I know the new grads who signed on for that have preferential consideration and that the last cohort was only for them.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and am glad to answer any more questions you might have. I love working for Providence Little Company of Mary-San Pedro which is the sister hospital to Torrance, great people, great pay, great care :)

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Hi yginay,

thx for ur fast reply i appreciate it. Actually my situation is little different here i am foreign graduate and i have 6 years overseas experience in OR,ICU,Anesthesia and PACU and 6 years of gap in my practice the reason i wanted to go for this program because they say its not only for new graduates its for experienced RN also and i dont have BSN either .... I recently got my california RN license so i m not sure how to apply and where to apply its tough.Can u plz let me know that is there any chance for me to get into LCOM residency program or can u find out? or if u have any suggestions for me since u r working there ... i have enrolled myself at california health sciences for RN refresher course.

Hi everybody

Does anybody know if Little Co email you or call you for interviews? Thanks

what does it mean when application status says under consideration....accepted or not????

They are considering your application (among the hundreds they received) for an interview. Anybody received any calls for interviews?