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List student status when applying for jobs?

I'm a nursing student enrolled in a BSN program with two years left. I'm also an LNA. I have wanted to work in hospice care from the very beginning and have applied for positions before but I never got a callback.

Today I saw that a local hospice company is hiring part time LNAs. Even though I am in school full time I'm so strapped for cash that I need to find a part time job. I'm wondering if I should include my student status on my applications?

On one hand maybe it would look good? I'm almost done and attend a school with a good reputation.

Or maybe it would hurt my chances of getting hired. What do you think?

Getting ready to put out another application. Can anyone chime in? Should I list that I'm a student or no?

mindofmidwifery, ADN

Specializes in ICU Stepdown.

I'm kind of half and half on this one! That's why I didn't respond before. Honestly, I would and I do. I feel like it shows that I'm trying to better myself and pursue goals, plus my school has a good rep too and sounds really good on my resume. I think it makes up for not having an objective (I feel bad for not having an objective but that's the hardest part of a resume). Overall, I believe it's better to do so than to not.


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