List of Psychiatric/behavioral Health/detox units by state


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Hi, We all need to stick together. I am seeking to re locate to another area , either as a traveler or FT. However one thing I do not want is to get somewhere only to find out the job is horrible and abusive.

Sooo with that in mind I thought we could start a thread naming the Hospital and location and a few facts about it. I realize everything is about perception but perhaps you can share your perception about working there etc. I will get started and hopefully others will join in.

Again these opinions are based on my experiences at the time.


University of Rochester-Rochester, NY

Primary care, 12 hr shifts, good benefits. Parking

St Mary's-Rochester , NY(loved this job)

small hospital, primary nursing, flexible shifts, family atmosphere among the nurses. 2 units. General psychiatry and Micah. Good psychiatrists. parking:)

BRYLIN- Buffalo, NY , Team nursing, 8 hr shifts. Parking is not great. Psychiatrists are not invested. Nurses do not smile. Pay rate not great.

Good Samaritan-Suffern, NY Small detox unit. They closed the General psychiatry unit. Loved the nurses here! 12 hr shifts. Nice mutually respectable unit. No yelling or screaming:) Nurses are great! ample parking. Was there as a travel nurse so I do not know pay rates.

Beth Israel (DETOX) NYC- Very high paced Detox unit and they also have high paced psychiatric units. Very chaotic(like NYC) Team nursing on Detox and primary on psych units. No PARKING! Many foreign nurses. (not making a judgment, just stating a fact) 8 hr shifts. blah! :crying2: Not uncommon to have 8 discharges.10 admissions!

NYU-Manhattan, NY - small unit. primary nursing. 8 hr shifts. great nurses. utilize DBT. Every day rounds with interdisciplinary team( I like this) NO PARKING! Blah! :crying2: somewhat micromanaged but workable.


North Carolina_

Dorthea Dix-- Raleigh, NC--- Now closed! :crying2: (loved my medical job there.) Also worked all female admissions unit, long term male, long term female and the groups! Some flex positions. Loved many of the nurses. Ample parking.

Umstead--- Butner, NC- worked Admission units. High paced. Team Nursing. 8 hr shifts. Now closed

Central Regional - Worked Central admissions. Minimal pt care because it is not a unit. LOVED this job!

Cherry Hospital--please write me privately about the NC state Hospitals. They all have their nuances but a general comment would be: They do not practice Primary Nursing. Mostly 8 hr shifts though I do believe some units in some hospitals may offer Flex shifts. Ample parking. Expect to float. :(

So this is a beginning please add so that we can have an informal data base. It will only help all of us. If you have any specific questions on my experiences please PM me:)