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Lippincott Pocket Manual vs. Lippincott Manual


My school has the Lippincott Manual on its list of optional recommended texts (actually, the list consists entirely of this book! :D ). I purchased the Pocket version (for less than $15 online). It seems as though the full size version has some stuff the pocket one doesn't. Do you think I need to spring for the big one, or will the pocket one do fine?

I love the big Lippincott Manual. I have bought every edition for the last 28 years.

I plan on getting the pocket version but last summer I bought myself Lippincott's Manual of Nursing Practice AND The Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice (also Lippincott). Can't remember the exact cost of each but I think it was about $250 Canadian for the two. I use them CONSTANTLY. Would not want to be without them. These are not texts required by my nursing program (we use a lot of Mosby's) but I find I only use the required texts periodically whereas I use the Lippincott's for everything. They are truly wonderful! A must have for any nurse, student or not.

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