Linen between local only procedures

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Hello everyone, 

The question that I have is about linen in between local only procedures.  What does a everyone do with the the linen in between procedures?  We usually use 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases per local only procedure.  My coworkers were wondering if there is anyway to place the linen in a covered linen container and use it until it is full?  It feels like such a waste to place the small amount of linen in a bag and place in the laundry.  Just looking for some info from other facilities.  Thank you!

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When I work in the pain clinic side as opposed to being assigned an OR, that is exactly what we do. We will se an upwards of 24 pts per day and will fill a dedicated linen bin. If I am in an OR, the linen goes down after each case.

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