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I am new here. I will be starting Lincoln tech Hamden campus in Sept. any recent grads who can provide any type of feedback, advice, etc..?

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I am new here. I will be starting Lincoln tech Hamden campus in Sept. any recent grads who can provide any type of feedback, advice, etc..?

Hey, finally found someone who's going to Lincoln Tech in Hamden. I'm new to the website too and I'll be starting on September 8 day program. How about you?


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Hi- I was interested in the program at Hamden - Lincoln Tech? Any info you can give me would be appreciated? Are books/uniforms supplied? Do they make it affordable - do they offer any types of help?


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I am currently a student at Lincoln Tech in New Britain...I don't know how much of a difference there is between the campuses but if it's anything like NB, be prepared to have no life for the next 15 months! My biggest suggestion would be to get your books ASAP and start reading now. I'll give you a basic rundown of what it's like...

The program is intense and a lot of it is self-taught. For Mod I you will be taking Fundamentals of Nursing and A+P...for Funds we covered about half of the book in the first mod, mainly focused on basic skills like taking vital signs, doing a head to toe assessment, practicing aseptic technique, etc. In A+P we covered chapters 1-4 (structure and function of the body, chemistry of life, cells and tissues, organ systems) and were also tested on the integumentary, nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems. Be prepared to have at least one test a week in the beginning, usually more. They will try to "break" you in Mod I, to weed out the people who aren't going to make it through the program early on. Just be prepared for that-we lost about 30 students from our class in Mod I alone!

Mod II we have Advanced Fundamentals and A+P II. Mod 3 (this is where I'm at now) we do psych, maternity, growth + development and pharmacology. Mods 4 and 5 are Med-Surg. On top of that you will have lab classes the first 2 mods where you will get to "learn" and "practice" your skills on dummies (which, if they are anything like ours, will be missing various body parts :chuckle) and you will have clinical...2 days a week in Mod 1 and 3 days a week in Mods 2-5. You will have to be at your clinical site at 6:45 and just be forewarned they seem to assign you the site that is the farthest possible distance from your house-so be prepared to wake up early! You will do the vast majority of your clinicals at nursing prepared to give lots of bedbaths and change a lot of diapers. There are some out-rotations in Mods 3, 4 and 5 like in a (psych facility, daycare, school nurse, etc.) but you will still spend the majority of your time in Long-term care dealing with elderly patients. You will have to not only do the basic CNA-type work for them (feeding, bathing, dressing etc.) but you will also be expected to give them a full assessment and come up with care plans and fill out paperwork (a CAT or "Client Assessment Tool") (which are turned in and graded, along with about 7 gazillion drug cards each mod, case studies, article presentations, etc...did I mention it's intense? lol!

Lincoln is a rip-off in a lot of ways. The tuition is astronomical ($34,ooo!!!) and I have no idea where all that money goes because our campus is falling apart at the seams and we have a lot of run-down and outdated equipment. The one positive thing I can say is that it has a reputation as the toughest LPN program in the state academically speaking and they have a 100% pass-rate on the state boards which isn't too shabby, so it will look good on your resume. If you haven't signed anything though, I would suggest looking into an RN program...especially if you live in the Hamden area, there is St. Vincents college, Bridgeport Hospital school of nursing and Gateway Community College, all of which are good programs and much less expensive. But if that isn't an option at this point, good luck at Lincoln!


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Thank you for giving such a great rundown. It really is a help in deciding where I should go!

Did you end up going to Lincoln, I was wondering if you can provide anymore information as I start March of this year.

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