Limited License/Endorsement

by Whatsnext Whatsnext (New) New Nurse

Specializes in LPN. Has 3 years experience.



I am trying to find some answers to a few questions.


I was put in TPAPN in 2019. I was released from drug screening and AA meetings in 2021. In 2022 I am now allowed to work with an agency.


I found where other nurses had asked for a limited license. I believe it is where you work and there is no direct patient care.


Does anyone know if I asked for a limited license and there poses no risk to patients if I might could be let out of the rest of my required supervision? 

I am however not interested in working in direct patient care anymore and I think I would like desk work more.


Also, I’ve applied for endorsement into another state. I have 15months of supervision remaining. Does anyone know the variables to being able to endorse? I’ve read on the Board sites where others have been allowed to? Does anyone know if I will have a chance?


any info anyone has is really appreciated.