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I seem to recall of this site that has pdf translation sheets which have various languages of the common words we use with pt (such as BM, void, pain, etc). The pt would be reading the word in his/her own language and then just point. The word would have an english word translated beside it.

Does anyone know what the site is?

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YIKES! Don't use any unauthorized translation tools with your patients. Interpretation of healthcare communications is a major regulatory focus right now, including the need to ensure that there are controls in place to ensure that communication with non-English speakers is reliable and valid. So - providers have to have P&P that guide this process. They should have made sure that everyone knows about the new P&P - but it sounds like they didn't do this very well.

Find out who is in charge of this issue - usually called something like "culturally appropriate/sensitive care" and see what you're supposed to use. If they don't have any appropriate tools, you may be able to help them in the development process.

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