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Well Im on the last exam....well i have to retake one, but until then, Im on to study lifespan 3. Any words of advice on this one? I plan to use college network, SG101, old med surg book, and of course take the practice exams. Im hoping to complete this one by the middle of December....Any info would be great!!:coollook:

I JUST passed Life Span 3 this morning in St. Petersburg, Fl. This is the third attempt afer 2 D's. All the other tests I breezed through but this one really tripped me up so study extra hard for it. There were quite a few questions on ICP, surprisingly 2 or 3 on SLE, diet questions with stomach conditions, 2 on priority interventions when a pt appears confused (usually the answer is admin O2 BEFORE notifying physician), def. know about ulcers, atleast 4 questions on total hip surgerys, know diff. between sypmtoms of all the diseases like mumps, rubella, chickenpox, 1 question on identifying which vitals showed Increased ICP, atleast 4 about priority nursing diagnosis and they say usally an actual problem takes priority over "risk for" ?'s, but I had one which was risk for respiratory distress and that was def. the priority, atleast 3 on autonomic dysreflexia, 1 on ALS and its symptoms, atleast 3 questions where the answer was Mannitol...and of course I can't remember the others but study extra hard for this one.

OK next step for me is CPNE. Good luck...

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Thank you so much for the advice! I will study, study, study for this one! Good luck to you on the CPNE, let us know how you did, once you take it!

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