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Life happens


I am a pre nursing student almost done with my pre reqs, 2 more classes to go. However, this past December I had major knee surgery that leaves me in constant pain all the time. So my plans were before I had my surgery was to be fine enough to go back to school on January 11 and just take it easy. To bad that isn't the case. So now I'm a little bummed because now I can't go to school and finish. I'm already accepted into NS and my adviser said it would be fine to take the semester off but idk I'm just still bummed because I'm so used to being in school and doing something. But now, I have to take the semester off. It could be worst though so I'm very thankful my surgery went great, it's just I have to realize life happens and it's ok. So anybody have any advice for me on what to do during my four month break? I plan on studying for the HESI exam, getting my knee back to where it was but what else? Anybody have any solutions for me?


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If you can take any online courses, I would suggest taking Medical Terminology, if you haven't already.

Studying for the HESI is an excellent idea. You can find many postings on here for study tips and advice.

You can take the time to set out a plan for once you finish your next two courses. I'm not sure what the NS refers to, so you if you haven't been accepted into a program, research all that is required and get a head start of getting things in order. Just make sure to check back in case any requirements have changed. Also, you can look up any back up plans (that hopefully you won't need)

Finally, this site is an excellent source to look through and get an idea of what nursing school will be like. You can read up on what to expect and see what things you may need to brush up on or prepare yourself for.

Hope the healing process goes well and good luck in the rest of your courses!