Life after elmsn/absn updates and experiences


:p Hello Elmsn/ABSN graduates! I just thought it would be fun and informative if you guys could share your experiences with your ELMSN/ABSN program and the outcomes. Are you working? Where? Do you enjoy what you do? Was the program worth it? Would you do it all over again? I'd love to hear from ABSN graduates too. When commenting it would be cool if you list the schools you attended! Personally, I'm looking into APU, UCLA both in SoCal and Touro-Nevada. Any graduates from these programs please chime in. Heck, even other prospective students like myself should join.

Thanks everyone! ... if someone even reads this lol


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So.... I'm currently finishing up my 13-month ABSN at Hopkins. It was absolutely the best decision to attend here and worth every penny. I've been able to learn from amazing instructors and professors who are literally at the top of the nursing field, and my classmates... gosh, where do I start? They are some of the most brilliant, down-to-earth and caring individuals I have ever come across, and I know they are going to rock their patients' and inter/intra-professional colleagues' worlds once they start working at whichever institutions are lucky enough to get them! :) I was able to participate in research, and my professor who's project I was working on actually presented my paper at a conference she was attending earlier this year! I've landed a job prior to graduation (which will be in about 50 something days, woohooo!!) at the CVSICU in my dream hospital, which I am so incredibly thankful for. Most of my cohort has actually been offered jobs prior to graduation. My end goal is to become a CRNA, and I know that my time here in THIS particular ABSN has opened doors for me that will prove quite invaluable! All of that said, I won't lie. This has been one tough year, especially since I'm doing this with kids, and I really needed to bring my A-game to do well. But like you, this is my second career. I live in a super-saturated area where competition is pretty fierce for new-grad acute care positions, and I knew I wanted to place myself in a position where I would be able to reap the most opportunities and benefits (both tangible and intangible, like the Hopkins alumni network and also the networks I've made with my professors and clinical instructors who can open doors for me later on down the road).


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omg wow! !! What a glowing review! !! Thank you for sharing your experience and insight into absn! You're the first person on AN too say that the absn tuition was worth it in the end. I am so happy for you! I will look up Hopkins right now and see how much tuition is. Thank you for commenting! !!

Does your first job pay well?