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I too have a dalmation; Buster is 10 yrs. old. He has pretty severe allergies, his ears were inflamed and often itchy, he would dig at his ears with his hind legs and his ears smelled SO BAD!, he would get reddened areas in the skin folds where his legs meet his trunk, and often used to chew his feet. We changed his food like another poster had already suggested, give him 3 capsules of benadryl QD PRN (stick them in a pat of butter on the end of a spoon, he thinks it's a treat and slurps them right down!) and the need for cortisone shots has only happened once. What does worry me is that despite all this he still gets wheezing asthma-like attacks occasionally at night, but not every night like he used to, but not for the 20 or so minutes like he used to. He still sneezes alot, usually when excited only. Keep us posted, we'd love to know how you all turn out!


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Sorry about the thread starter when I meant to post someplace else! Can't wait to see how many views I get though...


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I was almost afraid to open it. lol


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