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What information is sent when applying to take the test and for your license?

I ask because someone I know was charged like 20 years ago, in a different state.. they no longer have are record of her offense and she is nervous about applying for nursing school.

She has passed criminal background checks before but she is still really nervous.. and I don't know what to tell her other than contacting the state boards in her area.

She said if she did that.. it might flag her or something. Thought you guys might know the answer to that... I have no idea.



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I just did this so I'll try to remember.

For the NCLEX I only sent in the application and money.

For my state licensure/BON I sent in the application(notarized) with passport size picture, more money, and official transcipt. That's all.

They do ask questions on the state application about criminal hx, so she may be flagged.


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I had to submit finger print cards for a national criminal background check. Each state is different so check with your BON.


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We had to do everything BamaRn mentioned and also had fingerprints done. Our instructors told us if we had anything that might pop up, to go ahead and get the paperwork together and send it in to the State boards, that way if you are flagged it wouldn't take months for them to get things looked at.

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