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Hi all, I'm a GA Excelsior student about to graduate with ASN. Exploring options on sitting for NCLEX-RN for SC, NC or TN due to hassle to obtain GA licensure. My nursing background is outpatient urgent care - assessment, I.V., phlebotomy, wound care, IM injection skills, etc. Concerned that I may be required to do preceptorship in GA and many Excelsior students are running into a brick wall finding facilities to do same. Any GA Excelsior grads who've obtained licensure elsewhere and are working in a hospital in any of the aforementioned states? Thanks for any input.:)


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Which one of these states provides the fastest turn around time? That might be useful info to search for here, if anyone has posted about it.


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So far it looks like SC is pretty fast on the licensure. It appears I can do a walk-through and obtain licensure the same day if all of my papers are in order. I will definitely dig deeper on this issue. I just don't want to find myself hung out to dry if I'm unable to find an approved GA facility to do a preceptorship. I can handle commuting out-of-state for a year if it means I can later do reciprocity with GA. I am also checking into opportunities at federal facilities as I can use a nursing license from anywhere in the 50 states. It would be nice to actually live full-time in my home in GA, especially since my husband will be staying in GA. I'm very fortunate to have such a supportive husband.:)