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I am a new RN licensed in 3 states (NJ, PA and KY) Not intentionally.

When I do CE credits, Im assuming the 30 hrs that I do can be applied to all 3 states. Hopefully, they wont make me do them 3 times. Where do most RN's take their CE classes? I would like to find some that are free and will be approved by any BON whether its in KY, PA or NJ.

Also, how will this effect me when applying for ?

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for CEU's check out | Nursing News, Nursing Jobs, Nurse Continuing Education, Nurse Community as well as both offer printable certificates - for use when you get audited . . . you can use the same credits on all three states.

be sure to attend pertinent offerings at your workplace and keep all of your certificates. keep everything in one place you never know when your gonna need to show your educational profile for the nursing ladder or perhaps a promotion. unit managers like to see at least 20 hours every year to justify a full yearly increase in base pay.

as far as insurance goes - your nursing insurance does not worry about what state your practice in - but read the fine print. most insurance unless you are a subcontracted nurse, only kicks in when the hospital legal team decides to leave you out on the street for dead . . . and that can happen, especially if your testimony is not kind to their cash cow surgeon.

I do carry insurance and always will - never trust the hospital administrator any further than you can throw a CT scanner.

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You can also check out MyFreeCE............

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