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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here so I don't know if this topic has already been discussed, but here goes. I have recently been hired by a company to do health screenings and was informed that there was an event this Feb.

So I received the info for the clinic sites and all of them were in NJ. So I contacted the recruiter, just to confirm that I would be ineligible because I don't have a NJ license.

But she told me that since I'm performing health screenings and not diagnosing, I don't need to be license in that state. Is this correct? Also I'm wondering if anybody has done this or knows of anybody who has done this?


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If working as a RN and paid as a RN I would say you need a license for the state unless it is compact state and you meet requirements ie maintain main residence in one state whilst working in another and both are in the compact license agreement

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I signed up with a health screening company headquartered in Minnesota. I told them when I signed up that I'm licensed in Massachusetts and Vermont. The first clinic they told me about was in Connecticut. When I told the scheduler I wasn't licensed there, she said "It's okay, you won't be doing anything that would use your license." Since then, they've told me about gigs in every other New England state, New York, Missouri, and Nebraska. Only recently did they schedule clinics in the states where I'm licensed. I have yet to work a clinic for them. I'm not about to risk charges of practicing without a license.

I also have a per-diem job doing flu shots. They only told me about clinics in the states where I'm licensed.