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License hold up


Hello all! I had a question that I hope someone has dealt with before. Ten years ago, I was a dumb kid and was held at a police station for a day (not in my state of application). I wanna say I had the whole picture taking thing happen but it was ten years ago so I am not positive. I was never charged, never convicted, nothing. I have an active LPN license and never had an issue renewing. I just graduated with my BSN and took the NCLEX and passed this week. However, my application for licensure says pending under convictions/disciplinary action. I called and they said I had something come up on my background check, that my packet was referred to legal for review and that there was no time frame on when it would be done. I was confused, as I was never convicted or charged with anything. I hold a national security clearance that I obtained five years after this happened. I jumped thru some hoops to figure out what the issue was so I could get my ducks in a row and did a background check at my local PD. They stated that there was someone with the same first and last name as me but a different middle name who had a conviction and that they suspect that this is why I came up as having an issue. I called the board back and am awaiting a call back within the next 48 hours. Has anyone dealt with this? I answered no to the questions about convictions because I was never charged or convicted and honestly didn't realize this could possibly be an issue. I am hoping its the case of mistaken identity however, I want to get to work on a letter if it is not. Thanks everyone!