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  1. How long did it take to get your Ohio license by endorsement?

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      3-4 weeks
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      5-6 weeks
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      6-8 weeks
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      9+ weeks

My husband got a new job in Ohio and I'm trying to get my RN and APRN license there. We're moving in about three weeks. I currently have both licenses in a different state so I'm applying through endorsement. (I am not a brand new nurse). It looks like I cannot apply for my APRN in Ohio until my RN is approved. Once it is approved, I guess there is a place you can modify your original application that pops up.

When I moved to a different state a few years ago, I had to apply for both licenses as well. However, I could apply for both license at the same time and it took no more than two weeks for approval. So after about 3.5 weeks I emailed the board after I confirmed the background check results where complete and sent to the board. I was told 4-6 weeks when I emailed. Tomorrow will be the end of 6 weeks.

I feel annoying emailing them but I am going to in two days if my RN is not approved. I get that now they are being slowed down by graduation applications, but I feel like since I submitted mine before most schools would have graduated, that should be a non issue for at least the RN. I am worried about the flood of applicants for the processing time of my APRN though. My question is, does anyone know how long it takes for the APRN approval? Do they tell you 4-6 weeks for that as well? I don't want to be out of a job for months, but it's starting to look that way right now. It's difficult to get anyone to take you seriously when applying if you don't have the licenses.


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How long did it take? I saw an NP job up there I am interested in. But I am in another state as well and want to get my RN and Aprn there too


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(After emailing to complain) 8 weeks 1 day to get my RN. 10 days later they issued my APRN. They gave me a exp date for my APRN two years and a few months later. The gave me an expiration for my RN of two months later...which I thought was the reason for why I had to wait to apply after the transition so my license would expire in 2019. I guess the APRN board got the memo but not the RN board. Oh paid for the license twice in a matter of months. Anyway, just renewed my RN a few weeks ago and I got a confirmation of renewal immediately at least the renewal process doesn't seem awful.