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Liberty University MSN-DNP Program


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Anyone attend Liberty University DNP program? I’m an MSN-NP and seriously considering. I’m looking for feedback on the program. Did you feel supported? Good program? Reasonable? Good contact? Anything you can tell me I would love to hear.

So this may or may not be helpful. But I went to Liberty University to get my MPH and I actually enjoyed the program very much. The only issue is that like so many online programs, I was responsible for finding my clinical site which was a nightmare. I literally came to the end of my program and the only thing stopping me from finishing was that I could not find a clinical site. I was lucky to have finally found one, but I had to pay. So I would suggest finding a program that will find your clinical sites for you if clinical hours are required for the DNP. Liberty University is NOT helpful with that .


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Hi Bella, you post helpful. I am planning to attend Liberty University for PMHNP. Do you know anything about this program, how hard is it? what about comprehensive exam after program? I will appreciate for any response