LewisGale HCA vs Carilion in the Roanoke area

U.S.A. Virginia


Hello fellow nurses!

I would like some feedback from anyone who can give me any information regarding these hospitals and working conditions. I’m moving to the area from south Florida and I’m currently seeking a psych position. I have an interview with both facilities. HCA in Florida doesn’t have the best reputation but I’m not so sure in other states. Carilion is growing and appears to have a lot of opportunities in the future. LewisGale has a clinical ladder...

please help!!

Working for Carilion it's like working at the International Space Station, the other two places would be like working in a coal mine. Carilion is 100% modern and they invest money in Technology like they have the best and expensive emr system Epic Etcetc

Haha! A coal mine! Thank you Brenda! I think my minds made up.

I didnt mean to so much insult Lewisgale but more as to make my point about which one was better all around. Did you ever end up moving there and did you ever end up applying anywhere or are you taking a bit of time off?

By the way, A clinical ladder (just my thoughts) is stressful. You need to reach goals, teach in-service type stuff, & you'll get nagged to get extra certifications. If you thrive on that kind of thing that will work out. I for one feel like I know what I'm doing and I definitely get trained for anything extra and I don't want to be pushed to achieve levels 1 2 and 3 and that sort of thing. I give meds, clean trachs, wipe butts etc. Like plz Dont nag me to get extra stuff. Again just my nursing burnt out random thoughts

Anyone have any new insight when it comes to preference , starting salary offers, moving up in the company? I'm a new grad looking to move to roanoke. 

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