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Hey everyone, I am currently an RN at a level IV NICU. I am reaching out because I have realized that I am looking to work in a lower level NICU. I love the challenging environment and diversity of my patient assignments. However, I do not look forward to admitting the kids who are more sick and unstable. I also am not interested in the stress of doing immediate post op cares (possible blood infusion, so on). During admissions, I am highly anxious because I am awful at IV insertion and getting blood cultures. I just think that with my personality I would be better suited for a different level NICU.

I am not interested in working with older pediatric patients and do not want to work on the mother and infant unit.

I am wondering if there are level III NICUs in the area that have less complex patients. I like intubated patients, feeder growers, g-tube care, managing patients with trachs, and having kids on CPAP, bubble CPAP, high flow, and nasal cannula. I have no problem with this type of diversity or having patients on drips.

I do know that there are NICUs in VA that are level III NICUS. Can someone please tell me more about the patient population and how they differ from a level IV? I already Googled the difference between the different levels, but I am looking for information from people who have actually worked in the VA level III NICUs.

I have one year of NICU experience already, but I just feel super anxious knowing that one day I will get the super sick babies in the procedure room. I would even consider a level II NICU. However, the ones in Maryland don't seem very good.

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