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Hi all,

I plan on applying to UMB and it states that 2 letters of recommendation are required and they must be academic. Has anyone ever asked teachers that didn't teach classes that were really nursing pre-requisites? I only go to school part time and I'll be taking the bulk of my sciences next semester, after the application deadline. Right now I just have anatomy and human development. I'm sure I can get one from my anatomy teacher, but I doubt my human development teacher even knows my name. I'm considering asking an English professor from a couple semesters ago who knew me well. Thoughts?

You might want to check on of you can apply without taking at least half of the 4 sciences. I had a friend that was applying to umb but had to delay a semester because she had only done chem.

As far as the letters go, I can't imagine it matters what they taught as the letter forms tend to ask for specific information that any prof should be able to answer.

Here is my two-cents...

Given that admission into UMB is highly competitive and that the admissions committee seems to place significant emphasis on the applicant's science GPA, I would endeavor to get letters of recommendation from professors with whom you have taken prerequisite science courses with and done well within a reasonable time frame (i.e. six months). While I cannot imagine an academic recommendation from an English professor would disqualify you from consideration; I think that recommendations from science classes may provide the admissions committee with a better barometer of your abilities in the hard sciences, which will permit them to draw assumptions regarding your ability to handle the academic rigors of nursing school. Also, remember that the majority of your candidates will most likely have recommendations from their A&P, microbiology, biology and chemistry professors; potentially placing you at a disadvantage. I just think that you owe it to yourself to put together the most competitive application you can muster...even if it means holding off another semester.

Thanks for the advice, though it kind of bums me out..I feel like I've held off so many semesters since I started going to college. :(

It will be my time one of these days..I do appreciate your input! ;)

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