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Hey everyone! I just had a quick concern. I'm in the process of applying to bsn programs, and everything is done except for the LOR's. I've already contacted the professors I want for these letters, but I was wondering how I go about asking/obtaining more than 10 copies of these letters. My school does not have a Health Professions Office where they can save onto my LOR statements and send letters whenever I need to. So do I just notify the professor of how many I'll be needing? This is really confusing, because I don't want to seem overly demanding. But I really need them!

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Why do you need so many copies? I guess every program is different, but the recommendations I requested had to be sent directly to the school. I signed a form requesting the permission to see them.

It's because im applying to more than 10 schools. And just incase I end up having to apply again for any reason - it would remain as a good backup.

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Tell them just that. You are applying to 10 different schools and would need 10 recommendations from them.

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Since they are all letters of recommendation for BSN schools (as opposed to different job titles), why not ask them to write a "To Whom it May Concern:

RE: Recommendation of jasjas for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program"

and then make all the copies you need.

It worked years ago when I needed college recommendations, Unless it was program specific (like a APN Pediatrics vs. APN Psychiatry) it should not matter if a generic letter is sent as long as the school letterhead is present & the professor's name, title, and credentials are spelled out.

Keep the original and make copies. If the admissions office needs clarification or confirmation they can always call the professor or school directly. This should work since you imply that you may be applying to more than 10 schools.

Thanks for the replies. @momnstudent; i told the professors to write exactly that, but I'm a little worried about seeing the LOR's. I want to waive my right .. otherwise it would be so much easier to make copies with that said. I guess I should just tell them directly to give me however many copies I need. Would it be cheating if at any one point I really needed the reccomendations and opened it to make copies myself :nono: Ahh terrible question. Im just really not digging the whole LOR portion of applications :(

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